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Certain members of the Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, who denounced their Superior, had pulpits degraded so much.
-Let's return the pulpits to God's bosom, by the Petitions of the faithful.-
 The 1st Petitions and the 2nd Petitions have been filed with the competent Church Tribunal on Jan 31, and Mar 4, 2011., respectively.
 The 6,404 Petitioners are held to think much of the Church and to have unwavering faith in God, feeling closer to God. ( carries the 2nd Petition text and its English translation)
 The incident, that was perpetrated against Superior by Rev. Augustinus HAM, Rev. Lucas AN, Rev. Petrus KIM(Taek-am), Rev. Eusebius YANG (of Seoul Archdiocese), Monsignor Philippus KIM, Rev. Petrus HWANG(of Inchon Diocese), Rev. Robertus AN, Rev. Joannes PARK(of Wonju Diocese), Rev. Joannes KWAK, Rev. Leo YEON(of Chiongju Diocese), Rev. Petrus SONG, Rev. Nicomedes PARK(of Pusan Diocese), Rev. Aloysius KIM, Rev. Edward LEE(of Masan Diocese), Rev. Thomas Aquinas CHEONG, Monsigor Pius CHO(of Kwangju Archdiocese), Rev. Bartholomeus MUN, Rev. Laurentius LEE(of Jeonju Diocese), Rev. Andreas BANG, Rev. Joannes AN, Rev. Albertus RYU, Rev. Andreas BAE(of Suwon Diocese), Rev. Moyses KWON(of Daegu Archdiocese), Rev. Simon LIM(of Cheju Diocese), Rev. Franciscus Xavier KIM(of Daejon Diocese) and by anonymous priests who wrote the illegal public statement of Dec 10, 2010., or consented to it, behind the name of CPAJ, was not isolated one.
 It did not occurred, by chance, only because of argument over the objection to the Korean Public Works(the Restoration of Four Major Rivers).
 Since Superior had taken measures to prevent misdeeds of CPAJ priests who had not been shy about unethical and immoral words and deeds from their pulpits, they have challenged, on the pretext of protesting RFMR, the authority of Superior.
 The homily of a priest is part of the liturgy.... the mysteries of faith and the rules of christian living are to be expounded in the homily from the sacred text(Codex IurisCanonici Can.767 #1).
 In the exercise of the office of preaching, everyone is moreover to observe the norms laid down by the Bishop of the diocese(CDIC Can.772 #1)
 Pope Benedict XVI exhorted, in SacramentumCaritatis(section46) of Feb 22, 2007., "the homily is meant to foster a deeper understanding of the word of God, so that it can bear fruit in the lives of the faithful. Hence ordained ministers must prepare the homily carefully, based on an adequate knowledge of Sacred Scripture."
 Pope emphasized and quoted this section 46 again, in His Apostolic Exhortation "Verbum Domini" of Sep 30, 2010.
 This is what the faithful do desire to hear of homily.
 1. The priest of CPAJ demanded, from pulpit, signing of the faithful on the joint signature letter, for the campaign to obstruct the construction of Korean naval base, initiated by some groups including 'Peace Island Special Committee of Catholic Cheju Diocese.' The priest of CPAJ campaigned against the construction of allied forces' military base indispensable for our national defense and distorted, during homily, the legal execution on pieces of land over illegal defiance as the use of gangsters by Minister of Defense.
 Such homilies were grave immoral acts, possibly putting our country in danger.
 1. The priest of CPAJ said the mass for two schoolgirls who had died in a traffic accident of allied forces' armored vehicle. The priest emphasized during homily that American forces had inflicted on us too much suffering and therefore they should go out. This was his hatred.
 1. The priest of CPAJ called the assassin, who murdered the President he had followed in respect for a long time, a hero. This is an unethical and anti-life act,
 especially for Catholic priest to assert as such.
 1. The priest of CPAJ insisted from pulpit during homily that people who took (American) beef, perilous for mad cow disease(bovine spongiform encephalopathy), are almost poor people. This homily was no truth and unethical act.
 The North Korean agent, who had sabotaged and exploded the Korean Air plane with 115 people on board to be killed, confessed to have committed the crime.
 There are solid evidences. The priest of CPAJ pursued to impute the crime to self-inflicted scheme by the government agency of the Republic of Korea. This is dishonest and unethical act.
 The priest of CPAJ does make unethical, immoral, hatred, anti-life and dishonest homily without any hesitation, to the faithful who attend and trust in the sacred mass. On hearing such a homily, the faithful hurt. Some faithful do not attend the mass of their own parish and wander off for another church. Some faithful simply become tepidi. There may be some of young faithful, who are influenced by such an unethical act.
 Christ’s faithful have the right to be assisted by their Pastors from the spiritual riches of the Church, especially by the word of God and the sacraments(CDIC Can.213, 214). But some priests of CPAJ do, now and then, morally ruin the pulpit and deprive the faithful of their right.
 Even the canonical perpetration of contempt for Superior, as this case was, could be purged if the perpetrators have truly repented of the offence and have made, or at least seriously promised to make, reparation for the damage and scandal(CDIC Can.1347 #2).
 When perpetrators truly repent of their homily degradation, only then they are presumed to truly repent of the contempt for Superior.
 When perpetrators truly repent of having turned the faithful from the door of Church, of having influenced the young faithful by unethical acts and, of the scandal of unethical, immoral, hatred, anti-life and dishonest homily, or when they truly promise to do all they can to compensate for their acts, only then the repentance could be true one.
 First step in repentance is voluntary dissolving of CPAJ, which has perpetrated the contempt for Superior, dared wrong homilies and persisted in the illegal organization by violating canon law(CDIC Can.300. 312).
 Our Petition will continue until the priests of CPAJ repent and return the pulpit to God's bosom.
 1. You may write and sign as follows; and send by mail, fax or e-mail.
 “I(or we) sign the same Petition as in Advertisement on Jan 18, 2011.
 name, christian name address telephone sign”
 *Only the christened Catholic is eligible to sign.
 The text of the Advertisement is carried on, and is printable.
 2. You may click on image of ‘Petition’ in the above website, enter and sign the Petition.
 Address to mail: #1205 Samsung Cheil Bldg. Yoksamdong Seoul 135-751
 “the Catholic Faithful for Defense of Magisterium”
 Tel 02-527-2929 Fax 02-527-4455
 We need your support
 (donation account: Kookmin Bank 360102-04-096756 songjungsook)
 The Catholic Faithful for Defense of Magisterium
 SONG, Jung-sook Clara, ex-Health &Welfare Minister,
 KIM, Kang-hee Pius, President,AINCompany,
 KIM, Song-ja Gemma, ex-LaborViceMinister,
 YOO, Kun-il Thomas Aquinas, writer,
 PARK, Wha-jin Alexander, ex-editor-in-chief, Seoul Daily,
 SON, Jung-sik Michael, ex-President, Association of Fishery Ports,
 YANG, Young-tae Michael, President, Association for Free Press,
 YOO, Jae-kapLucianus, ex-professor, Kyunggi University,
 RYU, Cheol-hee Paulus, ex-Vice Governor, Chungnam Province,
 YOON, Jin-sung Alexander, ex-journalist,
 LEE, Gye-sung Simon, ex-Principal, Yangchon High School,
 LEE, Byung-sooLudovicus, ex-President, Doosan Machinary Company,
 LEE, Jae-young Lucia, Specialist, Traditional Costume,
 LEE, Han-sooAugustinus, ex-President, Seoul Daily,
 YIM, Kwang-kyu Benedict, Attorney-at-Law,
 CHOE, Jong-tea Laurentius, President, Association of 6.25 War Veterans' Association
 (If such an illegal organization as CPAJ ceases to exist, we return to polite parishioners and normal supporters of religious orders.)
 This is the Announcement on Chosun Daily newspaper and Joongang Daily newspaper, dated Feb 9, 2011.
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