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Certain members of The Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, who insulted their Superior, are requested to stand the Catholic Church Tribunal.
-We are calling you, the faithful, to sign and mail the following Petition, to impose sanctions on the Priests, who vilified, jeered at, pressured and demanded the resignation of Superior.-
the Faithful for Magisterium  
  to the competent Church Tribunal, the Court of Justice at Holy See
  Against Magisterium of His Eminence Nicholas Cardinal Cheong,
  on Dec 10, 2010., certain priests (members of so-called The Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice – This group is an illegal organization, within the Korean Catholic Church, which has persisted in violation of Codex IurisCanonici can.300. can.312) have mounted a challenge to His Eminence Nicholas Cardinal Cheong and called his righteous and just teaching(evidence 1.), with regard to the Restoration of Four Major Rivers(the Korean Public Works), a deceitful explanation(or sophistry).
  They have vilified and jeered at him by way of questioning “whether he had sided with the Korean government because of his hidden weakness or not.”
  They have insulted him by distortion and denunciation that “he had stirred up hatred against North Korea.” On Dec 13, 2010.they arranged a press interview, revolted against Superior, overturned the Church order and demanded the resignation of His Eminence Cardinal Cheong.
  (violation of CDIC can.273. can.1373. can.1390.)
  We, the faithful, hereby sign our names on this petition
  and refer the above offences, for relevant and just punishment,
  of Rev. Augustinus HAM, Rev. Lucas AN, Rev. Petrus KIM(Taek-am), Rev. Eusebius YANG (of Seoul Archdiocese), Monsignor Philippus KIM, Rev. Petrus HWANG(of Inchon Diocese), Rev. Robertus AN, Rev. Joannes PARK(of Wonju Diocese), Rev. Joannes KWAK, Rev. Leo YEON(of Chiongju Diocese), Rev. Petrus SONG, Rev. Nicomedes PARK(of Pusan Diocese), Rev. Aloysius KIM, Rev. Edward LEE(of Masan Diocese), Rev. Thomas Aquinas CHEONG, Monsigor Pius CHO(of Kwangju Archdiocese), Rev. Bartholomeus MUN, Rev. Laurentius LEE(of Jeonju Diocese), Rev. Andreas BANG, Rev. Joannes AN, Rev. Albertus RYU, Rev. Andreas BAE(of Suwon Diocese), Rev. Moyses KWON(of Daegu Archdiocese), Rev. Simon LIM(of Cheju Diocese), Rev. Franciscus Xavier KIM(of Daejon Diocese) and other priests who have conspired or consented to contempt for Superior, incitement to animosity and disobedience to Superior and calumnious denunciation of Superior.
  We also refer the offences, for ascertainment and punishment, of certain priests who have written such illegal public statements or consented to them, behind the name shield of so-called CPAJ
  (according to CDIC can.1333. can.1341. can.1347. can.1417. can.1476.)
  The offenders stand for erroneous causes and grounds:
  They allege that Cardinal Cheong has done wrong by his expressionand intention different from the statement of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea.
  The statement of CCK, dated Mar 12, 2010. alleged that “the Korean government had pushed and hurried up Public Works for Restoration of Four Major Rivers without citizens’ consensus and had outwitted and evaded the law and the procedure.”
  The statement quoted a part of “Article 48 of Charitas in Veritate of the the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI”;“The environment is God's gift to everyone, and in our use of it we have a responsibility towards the poor, towards future generations and towards humanity as a whole.”
  However Korean citizens’ popular support to Public Works for Restoration of Four Major Rivers is much greater than the opposition and the Public Works are being implemented according to the Korean Law and the appropriate legal procedure. There are another text of the same “Article 48,” that was omitted in the statement, as follows; “In nature, the believer recognizes the wonderful result of God's creative activity, which we may use responsibly to satisfy our legitimate needs, material or otherwise, while respecting the intrinsic balance of creation. If this vision is lost, we end up either considering nature an untouchable taboo or, on the contrary, abusing it. Neither attitude is consonant with the Christian vision of nature as the fruit of God's creation.”
  His Eminence Nicholas Cardinal Cheong, Archbishop and the Ordinary of Seoul Archdiocese, has settled the issue,
  by historically just and legitimate judgment out of pastoral care, and has given the Korean faithful the peace of conscience.
  His Eminence has clarified that “the faithful could support to or dissent from Public Works for Restoration of Four Major Rivers of the Republic of Korea, as long as abiding by the principle of protection of environment.”
  Most Rev. Peter KANG, president of CCK, shall not issue any statement, nor deliver any speech nor any act,
  in the name of all the Bishops of Korea, against the teaching authority of His Eminence Nicholas Cardinal Cheong, Archbishop and the Ordinary of Seoul Archdiocese, with regard to this issue. (CDIC can.455.)
  The above statement of CCK against the Korean Public Works was the case which “neither the universal law nor a special mandate of the Apostolic See gives the Episcopal Conference the power” to act with.
  The teachings of the faithful, during and after the above statement, by the President of CCK with regard to this issue have conflicted with the teachings by Magisterium of the respective Ordinaries including Archbishop and the Ordinary of Seoul Archdiocese, and therefore constituted a transgression of CDIC can.455. section 4.
  We, the faithful, do cordially request Most. Rev. Petrus KANG, the President of CCK, to revoke the erroneous act without delay.
  (We authorize Song Jung-sook or the Lawyer designated by her to file with, argue, give proof and receive served papers.)
  name, christian name address telephone sign
  *Only the christened Catholic is eligible to sign
  Address to mail: #1205 Samsung Cheil Bldg. Yoksamdong Seoul 135-751
  “the Catholic Faithful for Defense of Magisterium”
  Tel 02-527-2929 Fax 02-527-4455 e-mail: (you can sign by internet)
  We need your support
  (donation account: Kookmin Bank 360102-04-096756songjungsook)
  SONG, Jung-sook Clara ex-Health &Welfare Minister,
  KIM, Kang-hee Pius President, AIN Company,
  KIM, Song-ja Gemma ex-Labor Vice Minister,
  YOO, Kun-il Thomas writer,
  PARK, Wha-jin Alexander ex-editor-in-chief, Seoul Daily,
  SON, Jung-sik Michael ex-President, Association of Fishery Ports,
  YANG, Young-tae Michael President, Association for Free Press,
  YOO, Jae-kapLucianus ex-professor, Kyunggi University,
  RYU, Cheol-hee Paulus ex-Vice Governor, Chungnam Province,
  YOON, Jin-sung Alexander ex-journalist,
  LEE, Gye-sung Simin ex-Principal, Yangchon High School,
  LEE, Byung-sooLudovicus ex-President, Doosan Machinary Company,
  LEE, Jae-young Specialist, Traditional Costume,
  LEE, Han-sooAugustinus ex-President, Seoul Daily,
  YIM, Kwang-kyu Benedict Attorney-at-Law,
  CHOE, Jong-tea Laurentius President, Association of 6.25 War Veterans' Association
  (If such an illegal organization as CPAJ ceases to exist, we return to polite parishioners and normal supporters of religious orders.)
  This is the Announcement on Chosun Daily newspaper, dated Jan 18, 2011.
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